Jonathan Tsang (@JTSANGTATTOO) 是一位香港紋身師,專注於香港傳統風格的紋身藝術,作品深受 Pinky Yun 和 Ricky Lo 等香港紋身傳奇人物的影響。Jonathan 的作品以經典的傳統紋身元素為基礎,但又賦予了濃郁的東方韻味,這些元素都令他的作品帶有獨特的香港文化底蘊和藝術視角。

今次的聯乘CAP Jonathan 以香港70-90年代的燕子紋身店的街道招牌為靈感,用刺繡形式重現在帽子上。

Jonathan Tsang (@JTSANGTATTOO) is a Hong Kong-based tattoo artist who specializes in the traditional Hong Kong style of tattooing. His work is deeply influenced by the revered Hong Kong tattoo legends Pinky Yun and Ricky Lo.
Jonathan's tattoo works are rooted in classic traditional elements, he infuses them with a rich oriental aesthetic that is imbued with his unique Hong Kong cultural heritage and artistic sensibilities.

For this collaboration, Jonathan has taken inspiration from the street sign of swallow tattoo shop from the 70s-90s in Hong Kong, and has reproduced it in an embroidered form on a cap.